Website Health Audit

Use this free tool to provide a high-level understanding of where your website stands. We’ll crawl your website and email you a report within the hour!
What can you expect to find:

How many discoverability hampering errors, warnings, and/or notices does your site have.

We will crawl every page publicly available in your site map; identifying which are healthy, broken, blocked, redirected, or have other issues.

You’ll see an overview of how many pages returned 4XX status codes (meaning they’re buried deep within your site structure), how many have duplicate content issues, and if you have any broken internal links. 

No issues? You either have a very small site (under 10 pages) or are way above average in structuring and maintaining a healthy site.

You probably don’t need help here, so keep up the great work!

Not to fear. We’ll help you fix them. For free (for real)!

Set up a meeting using the form below and we’ll give you and your web team a detailed, issue-specific report that you can immediately use to correct your site’s issues. 

    Curious about your results?

    Whether you're waiting for your results or reviewing the findings, use this form below to set up a free, 30 minute consultation. We'll show up prepared to answer any questions. We will also provide you with three tools you can use to immediately improve how search engines find and rank your website.