Email & SMS Marketing

Be more Engaging

Email marketing strategy, design, management, and execution.

We focus on email (and SMS) for a simple reason: We've seen 10-15x returns in this medium over other channels like social media that are constantly getting battered by algorithmic updates, competing against viral kitty cat posts, requiring massive ad payments to Zuckerberg, etc. 

  • WHAT: Email design, integration, SPAM protection, copywriting, A/B testing, execution, and reporting.
  • HOW: We consult and implement an email marketing tech stack that will dodge SPAM filters, consistently improve, and automatically segment your incoming leads into target audiences. 
  • RESULTS: Sales and marketing campaigns that build personalized and profitable relationships with your consumers. 
Email Marketing

Why does it work?

There are 5 main reasons:
  1. First, we build an outbound email tech stack that combines the best software mix for your needs. "Best" here means that it's automated, nimble (don't fall for these expensive software packages more bloated than Jabba the Hutt!!), and effective.
  2. We use self-selection lead generation campaigns to segment customers into interest groups.
  3. We use our Data2Creative strategy to inform messaging.
  4. We design and write content that is always beautiful and never boring.
  5. We send that content to the right people at the right time.
Engage, connect, deliver.

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