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Campaign Strategy

Translate digital data into compelling creative

Translate digital data into compelling creative.

Understand exactly what your audience is searching for.
Discover what your competitors are missing.
Craft content that converts.

  • WHAT: Collection and analysis of a brand's digital data. Translation of that data into creative, focused marketing campaigns.
  • HOW: Identify customers' needs/wants through high-volume search results. Discover opportunities to win market share from competitors. Translate findings into a multi-channel, creative, and immediately actionable marketing campaigns for any product/service. 
  • RESULTS: Connect with the right customers at the right time and place. (and better sleep at night not having to wonder if you did the best thing.) 
Campaign Strategy

Google knows more about us than our mom, partner, or priest. In today's age we have Big Brother levels of data to inform our marketing efforts.

However, while just about anyone can collect that data, it's just a bunch of 1's and 0's if you can't translate it into a brand message.

A Proven Strategic Process

  • First, we consult and build (as needed) a sales/marketing tech stack that is optimized for outreach automation and audience conversion. Maybe it's Mailchimp connecting to Convertflow? Perhaps Zoho triggered by Zapier works best? Whatever it is, we find a solution that delivers you the best ROI without bloat or inefficiencies.
  • We use a 'data with a pulse' approach to understand exactly what your core audience needs. This ain't no War & Peace sized discovery brief. It's a practical program that can be used immediately.
  • Now that we know exactly what your prospective customers are looking for, we create a multimedia content calendar that presents your products/services as enticing solutions.
  • We work with your team - scaling up or down as needed - to craft multimedia content that tells your brand story in the RIGHT way.
  • We share those sexy pieces of content through the marketing mediums that we've identified to deliver you the best results.

Anna's House

Anna's House, a popular breakfast spot with locations across Michigan was creating beautiful content (have you seen their cinnamon rolls?!) but was struggling to pair this marketing with their revenue goals. Somersault did a deep dive into their digital data to understand where their customers' content appetites were and (more importantly) where they would be in the near future.


The result was a a delivery of 3 sales/marketing campaigns complete with digital PR resources, collateral, content categories, UX design, and social media tactics they could immediately implement to hit their specific goals.
"Somersault Strategy helped bring clarity and a sense of priority to our marketing strategy. We were able to focus our limited resources to generate the most significant impact – converting leads into guests.

In a space that is clouded with uncertain tactics and undefinable ROI, Somersault Strategy provides a data driven framework to support and sustain a greater marketing strategy. I found this to be a great tool for businesses looking to scale quickly, yet strategically."
brian brennen - COO of Annas House headshot
Brian Brennen
COO - Anna's House Restaurant Group

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