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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Trying to connect with customers with out-of-touch content is like trying to get into a NYC nightclub with a note from your mom.

Customers have come to expect high-quality, interesting, helpful, and authentic content from brands to grab their attention and inspire action. Anything less never makes it past the bouncer.

  • WHAT: Blogs, designs, multimedia, landing pages and web content. 
  • HOW: A team of experienced writers, designers, and digital tacticians scalable based on your needs.  
  • WHY: Improve your ROI by ensuring your brand content is engaged with the right people at the right time.
Content Marketing

If Content is king, then context is queen.

What separates digital content marketing from traditional marketing is its focus on bringing value by educating and engaging customers rather than “selling” products outright. That's why we focus on designing content that is of genuine interest, so users have the opportunity to actually learn and use bits and pieces of information, thereby getting to “know” a brand before they commit to a purchase.

Great content marketing is targeted and genuine, offering products and services that speak to an audience in a real way.

Our recipe for content marketing success perfectly blends with the Data2Creative strategy:
  1. Identify Your Growth Opportunities.
  2. Collect Target Audience Data Relating to those Opportunities. (this is the sometimes creepy, yet always accurate A.I. part.)
  3. Translate that Data into a Strategic Plan.
  4. Use that Strategic Plan to Write/Design/Build Creative Content.
  5. Optimize that Creative for SEO.
  6. Embed lead funnels.
  7. Share that Optimized Content With the People that You Now Know Are Asking For it.
  8. Report Back on Progress.
  9. Celebrate Successful Progress at Happy Hour.
  10. Repeat Process for the Next Growth Opportunity.


A few client examples customers love to share with their friends:

"We greatly appreciate the contributions Somersault has made in developing and implementing digital marketing campaigns. Joe is responsive, has creative ideas, and great follow through. He not only thinks strategically and big picture but can implement the ideas and is detailed oriented."

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