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Websites are kind of like oil changes.
You might not need maintenance as soon as a warning light pops up. But if you procrastinate or pretend not to notice the increasing clunkiness, then things will break down right when you're on your way to someplace important. 

  • WHAT: A blended "magnetic" & "megaphone" strategy to ensure your brand outranks your competitors in search.
  • HOW: Half A.I. powered analysis, half human powered outreach, this service ensures your website is positioned in the best possible light to grow. 
  • RESULTS: Increase website traffic, improve brand authority, position yourself to scale sustainably, outrank your competitors.

Step 1: Technical SEO - The Magnet

We analyze your entire web presence to uncover and solve for:
  • Website Health Audit: Just like hearts, sometimes webpages break as they grow older. We understand. But Google doesn't and neither do your users when they encounter broken links, 404 pages, sluggish loading times, etc.
  • Security Audit. Extensive audit and fixing of any and all security certificates server protocols, and HTTPS implementation. Your website's doors are locked and the oven is off.
  • Crawlability Optimization. It's the little things that hurt your ability to get indexed by Google's search engines. This identifies all missing meta descriptions, alt tags, poor redirects, etc.
  • Performance. Are you compliant with the American Disability Act? (find out here) How fast will your site load on a 4G network? (find out here)
  • Toxic Backlinks. We find every website that is linking back to your brand. We whitelabel the healthy ones and disavow (kind of like a cease-and-desist) the spammy ones.

Step 2: Proactive SEO - The Megaphone

  • Create a Competitive Advantage. We discover your competitor's weaknesses and turn those into your strengths.
  • Content Strategy. We'll create a strategy for existing content improvement and a calendar for new content to capture demand and visibility across your core customer segments. Better yet, this is NOT a War & Peace size document dropped on your desk. It's practical and immediately actionable.
  • Digital PR Strategy & Execution. Backlinks (i.e. one website linking back to yours) are kind of like votes on the internet. A higher quantity and quality of them helps you rank higher. We'll help your election campaign with a digital PR strategy and execution.
Real sites with real issues that were fixed to generate real results.
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Dad Joke for all the technical SEO fans out there
"An SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, beer garden, hangout, lounge, night club, mini bar, bar stool, meet hot singles, tavern, pub, whiskey..."

I’ll show myself out.