Burrito in a Cake

Badness Rating:

Product Description

A burrito in a cake. 

How it “works:”

  1. Make a burrito (uncooked)
  2. Make the batter of your favorite kind of cake
  3. Put that burrito in the middle of the cake batter and then another layer of batter on top
  4. Bake both in the oven for some time at a hot temprature

The Pitch:

Other things hide in cakes and jump out to surprise you. Why not a burrito?!
This culinary delicacy is the next PB&J - combining two things that everyone loves.

Why this was a bad idea:

Burritos are great. Cake is fantastic. Burritos and cake together is not.  


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Burrito in a Cake

Other things can hide in cakes to jump out and surprise you. Why not Burritos?