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A.I. Strategy

Utilizing the latest in Chat GPT technology to create content at scale. 

Chat GPT

When Chat GPT was released in late 2022 it quickly became the biggest disruptor for content creation in a wide range of industries. But with wide adoption, how can you leverage this to advantage your business?

  • WHAT: Helpful, persuasive, and interesting content created at scale.
  • HOW: Asking the right questions to generate the best response and then applying a human touch to make it unique.
  • RESULTS: Increases in SEO, frequency of email campaigns, social content & blogs, and quality of webpages.
Chat GPT

How does it work?

When asked about using Chat GPT, Plato once said: "The right question is usually more important than the right answer." 

He couldn't have been more right. Asking creative, strategic questions is the difference between clutter and quality when it comes to Chat GPT generated content (that was Chat GPT's answer, btw.) We help the clients we serve by acting as editors-in-chiefs:    

  • Identifying the most unique and ROI-focused topics to explore [Here's how]
  • Structuring content around competitive keywords to improve SEO
  • Enriching the content with photos, videos, links, and call-to-actions.
  • The human element. Honing in on the tone of voice to make sure what we're saying matches the brand and captures attention.  

Recent Results:

Like the humans in the movie WALL-E, it'd be easy to barely lift a finger and let the machine do all the work. But, like all successful marketing, creativity is the driving force for excellence. 


Many say that education will be the industry most disrupted by Chat GPT. So, for EdTech client Foxbright, we created an experimental campaign pitting human against A.I. The target audience read a series of 3 responses to the same prompt. One written by a human copywriter and the other written by Chat GPT. Then they could try to determine which was which.

The result? The second highest engaged email campaign in their history and a significant influx in leads. 

Will the machines take over?

Probably. Which is why we always include 'please' and 'thank-you' in our Chat GPT requests.

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