'S' is for Stock Market:

An $ABCs Book

Good idea?

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The Idea

"'S' is for Stock Market - An $ABCs Book" is an alphabet book where each letter describes an investment concept. It covers topics from the informational ('H' is for Hedge Fund) to the entertaining ('U' is for Unicorn.)

The Inspiration

The same year I became a first time dad was the same year I became an active investor in the stock market. Those two firsts came together one night around 3AM when, tired of reading 'Good Night Moon' for the 1,987,345th time, I had an idea to try to write a book that would be fun for both children AND adults to read. I did a little research and, while there were plenty of financial education books out there for kids, one specifically about the Stock Market didn't exist!

So... I launched a Kickstarter.

And it got fully funded in only 8 days!

The Process

  1. Create the text for each page of the alphabet. 
  2. Sketch out some (very) rudimentary images.
  3. Hire an awesome illustrator. Her name is Maria and she's an Argentinian designer, vagabond, and yoga instructor with an amazing talent for creating images that capture your attention. 
  4. Figure out the supply chain logistics for self-publishing. This part sucked...
  5. Publish the book!

The Pitch

The book has a good appeal for the mass market. Great for new parents, aunties, friends, etc. that dibble-dabble in $APPL.

But, what if I could sell it to institutions? Local banks looking for a cool incentive for starting a children's savings account or financial advisors in search of a unique gift to offer their expecting clients?

Since it's self-published, these could even be specific runs including the institutions logo or (for the right price) brand as one of the letters.

A few pages: 'Y' is for YOLO, 'S' is for Symbol, 'G' is for the Greeks, and 'U' is for Unicorn

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